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An artwork of a robin by Sonny Bean

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Gathering Stories

  • What stories have been told about you? About your communities?
  • Who is allowed to tell stories?
  • What stories do you wish were told about you? Who do you wish could hear those stories?

Envisioning Stories

  • Who makes the images you see everyday?
  • How do others see you?
  • Where do you see yourself represented?
  • How do we make sense of images of others? Or ourselves?
  • How might images resist or respond?
  • How do we understand a painting?
  • What objects are found in your archive?

Moving with Stories

  • What are some other ways that stories can travel?
  • Where could your story travel? Who needs to see or hear your story?
  • What is the connection between storytelling and social justice?
  • What impact can stories have that other academic outputs may not be able to achieve?
  • What are some thoughts about vulnerability and feedback when storytellers share their stories?

Sounding Stories

  • Who gets to have silence? 
  • How does silence make meaning?
  • What does rest sound like? 
  • What is the difference between music and noise? 
  • How might sound resist or disrupt?
  • What are we communicating with our voices? 
  • What kind of work does music do?

Assembling Stories

  • What words or phrases are most important to your story?
  • What sounds are most important to your story?
  • What does your story reveal? What does it conceal?
  • How does your story feel?
  • Where are the moments of tension in your story? Where are the moments of emergence?
  • How do the images in your story relate to each other? How do the sounds relate?
  • Where are the moments of pause in your story?
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