Envisioning Stories

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Image: Steve Johnson from Pexels

Stock Image and Video Collections

As mentioned in the Working with Stock Visuals tutorial, WeVideo’s stock materials selection can be limited in terms of representations of diverse communities and people. Here is a small list of stock image and video collections that offer a greater variety in terms of visual representation. Be aware that some stock sites may have specific terms for use of their visual materials.

Creative Approaches

Storytellers may also want to construct their visual narratives through other creative means. Stop motion animation, digital animation, painting, drawing, and digital art are all possible within the digital storytelling format.

Backlight blog provides a detailed overview of how to construct stop motion animation, including information on apps that can aid in the creative process.

Amanda Buchnea: Expanse
Here is an example of creative approaches to digital storytelling from ReVision workshop.
link to download transcript

When working with visual media, it is important to think about issues around consent.

  • Who is in these images?
  • Can the storyteller obtain the consent of others in their photographs or videos, particularly if these are archival visuals?

When gathering images or videos from other sources it is also important to consider concerns around copyright. Most stock image sites will include terms of use for their images but it may be more difficult to know who has the rights to a photograph that comes from an internet search, for example.

For more about copyright and why it matters:

An artwork of a squirrel by Sonny Bean


An artwork of a racoon by Sonny Bean


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