Moving with Stories

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Story Screening

At the end of the story-making process, storytellers from a given workshop usually come together to screen the completed stories either online or in person.

When screening the stories virtually, we recommend that the stories are downloaded and shown via screen sharing. In person, it is optimal to view the stories projected onto a screen using speakers to amplify the sound.

In the final story screening, we follow a similar approach to our story sharing in that each storyteller decides if they want to share their story, and if they consent to receiving feedback from the group.

Storytellers are invited to share a few words before their story is screened. It can be helpful to remind those witnessing the stories to provide supportive, rather than critical, feedback.

Instead of offering critique or advice, feedback might look like speaking about what moves you when watching the stories, addressing what stood out for you in the language or cadence of a story, or sharing what the images evoked for you emotionally.

In virtual or online workshops participants are encouraged to share their feedback orally or in chat format, if available.

If the stories are made in the context of a research project, it is at this point that the group would review the story consent process which details who, how, what, and when stories made in a workshop can be shared with the broader public.

In Re•Vision workshops, we generally provide a consent form with multiple options for where storytellers would be comfortable having their stories shared and screened.

For example, the storyteller could consent to showing their stories only in educational settings or conferences or for their story to only be used as part of the research process and not as part of any broader research sharing.

They can ask to be contacted for verbal consent every time the story is shown or allow for the story to be shown at film festivals and embedded in articles.

Storytellers always retain the right to their own stories, and can choose not to share their story more broadly (or at all).

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