Envisioning Stories

An artwork of a robin by Sonny Bean

Guiding Questions

Who makes the images you see everyday?
Where do you see yourself represented?
How do others see you?
How do we make sense of images of others? Or ourselves?
How might images resist or respond?
How do we understand a painting?
What objects are found in your archive?
An artwork of a butterfly by Sonny Bean

Further Readings

Rice, C., Chandler, E., Harrison, E., Liddiard, K., & Ferrari, M. (2015). Project Re•Vision: Disability at the edges of representation. Disability & Society, 30(4), 513-527.

Rice, C., Dion, S. D., Fowlie, H., & Breen, A. (2020). Identifying and working through settler ignorance. Critical Studies in Education. Access Copy
An artwork of a squirrel by Sonny Bean


details of an artwork by Sonny Bean featuring 2 flowers

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