Assembling Stories

Hannah Fowlie working at audio clips


Photo: Michelle Peek

Editing and special effects offer another layer of options in terms of storytelling possibilities.

Once a storyteller has their visual and audio elements selected and on their timeline, they can begin to conceptualize the relationship between image and audio at different points in their story.

As mentioned in the working with visual materials module, visual elements do not need to merely illustrate a story’s audio narrative. Sequencing images or video clips that are seemingly unrelated or abstract can disrupt the expected viewing experience and draw attention to specific feelings or events.

Similarly, editing a story’s audio elements to include large gaps or times of silence can create a different viewing experience and disrupt the expected rhythm of a digital story.

In this video tutorial we will explore some of the editing tools that WeVideo offers in order to create layers of meaning within a digital story:

Editing in WeVideo

link to download transcript
An artwork of a squirrel by Sonny Bean


An artwork of a racoon by Sonny Bean


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