Gathering Stories

An artwork by Gloria Swain from the exhibition Hidden


Photo: Michelle Peek | Art: Gloria Swain

One of the main objectives of the digital storytelling method is to provide participants with the opportunity to respond to, resist and re-write the story of a narrative that is told about them.

The language storytellers use, be it written or otherwise, is an important aspect of addressing often stigmatizing or otherwise negative narratives.

On the Making Accessible Media website they discuss the importance of language in responding to stereotypical representations and combating stigma and discrimination.

Making Accessible Media website

The reclaiming of language, in particular the reclaiming of stigmatizing language, can be a powerful storytelling framework.

Here are three examples of digital stories that speak back to stigmatizing and limiting language:
Raya Shields
link to download transcript
link to download transcript
Vanessa Dion Fletcher: Words
link to download transcript
An artwork of a squirrel by Sonny Bean


An artwork of a racoon by Sonny Bean


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